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Pilates FAQ's

I've never done Pilates before as I thought I was too unfit/inflexible, can I still come?

Of course! Pilates is open to anyone, regardless of fitness. The exercises are adapted according to your individual needs.

I'm pregnant/recently had a baby, can I still do Pilates with you?

I do not have the additional qualification that is required for me to be covered by my insurance to work with pre/post natal ladies. I can however, recommend a fabulous local Pilates teacher who can help you.

I see you are Pink Ribbon trained- I'm post breast cancer and am still under the care of the hospital physiotherapist, can I see you for Pilates at the same time?

No- you need to have been signed off by your physiotherapist in order for me to work with you. It's important for your body to heal from your operation before I can help you with specific exercises and stretches. 
Reflexology is also a great option to help with side effects.

How often do I need to do Pilates to see results?

One of Joseph Pilates' most famous quotes is- "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body"
With today's busy lifestyle I feel this can create a somewhat unrealistic expectations for most people- as back in 'the day' when Pilates was working with his clients, they were working out with him 3-4 times a week and they were expected to do their own 'homework' with extra training at home. Nowadays most people who do Pilates attend class once a week, but in all honesty a minimum of 3-4 times a week will give you the results you're looking for. This doesn't mean you have to attend class that often- but be committed enough to do your own workouts at home.
If you were training for the London marathon you would run more than once a week!!


Comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Most people wear leggings or long shorts and a comfortable top, although close-fitting clothes are best, as that way I can easily check your posture & alignment.  You can either wear grip-soled socks (available to buy from me) or go barefoot. Most clients prefer to bring their own yoga mat and some bring their own equipment- but I can supply anything you may need during the session. Equipment is sanitised after each client. Bring a bottle of water as you will get thirsty during your workout!

I am healthy and fit- why should I add Pilates to my workout regime?

Running and cycling provides us with aerobic fitness, weight training provides us with strength, dancing and aerobics provide us with coordination, and swimming provides us with non weight-bearing exercise.
To ensure correct execution of all of these and develop correct alignment and skill of acquisition, one needs to specifically exercise the deeper intrinsic group of muscles. Enter Pilates!
This helps to create a rounded exercise programme and reduce the chance of injury, which may occur during ballistic forms of exercise.

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