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This wonderful form of body strengthening and conditioning was invented by Joseph Pilates, who was plagued by his own physical shortcomings, caused by a host of childhood ailments. He explored various practices, including yoga, gymnastics, bodybuilding, meditation, and rigorous ancient Greek and Roman regimes, before developing his own exercise technique. He refined these exercises whilst interned in an English prisoner of war camp during the First World War, and then later, in the 1920s, he opened a studio in New York where his teachings became popular among the dance community.

Pilates' original method was based on 34 movements, which consisted of strength, mobility and stretching exercises, and were designed to create core stability by engaging the deep abdominal muscles. They were created as a pathway to total health, rather than simply as an exercise regime, for Pilates saw that mental and physical health were interrelated. 

He believed that if you train the mind to focus entirely on what you wish to achieve- the body can master the precise nature of any movement you ask it to perform.

My Pilates matwork training was with APPI, who many years ago reviewed and revised every one of Pilates' 34 exercises, making them safer and clinically effective for today's lifestyles, as well as customising them for people with specific injuries. 

Benefits of Pilates include-

  • increased core strength

  • improved posture, balance, flexibility and mobility

  • reduced stress

  • alleviates back pain

  • boosts energy, mood and sleep

  • strengthens bones

  • enhanced body awareness and cognitive function

  • boosts immune system

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