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What should I wear, and should I bring anything with me?

Loose, casual and comfortable clothing is recommended. You will be reclined in my reflexology chair and want to be able to relax without tight clothing or belts digging in. Please bring a bottle of water as you may get thirsty during or after the treatment.

I'm pregnant- can I still have Reflexology?

Congratulations! Yes, you can have reflexology but we will need to go through a few detailed questions beforehand to ascertain your general health as well as where you are with your pregnancy and how things have been so far. There are one or two situations that may mean reflexology is not appropriate but in general ‘Mums to be’ find the treatment calming and relaxing.

Will it hurt or be ticklish?

I am guided by you regarding the pressure I use on your feet. It shouldn’t hurt but you may feel some discomfort if I find an area that is out of balance or congested. The discomfort will only last a short time as I work through the congestion and if necessary I can move on and return to rework the area later in the treatment. I should point out that reflexology is not always a gentle massage, it involves various degrees of pressure and probing certain reflex points – most clients I have treated who have worried about ticklish feet have been able to settle into the treatment without any problems. However, if we find an area on the feet is just ‘too tickly to treat’ we can switch to using hand reflexology in order for you to receive a full treatment.

Can you diagnose what's wrong with me?

No. As a reflexologist I am not able to diagnose or cure medical conditions. Your feet may indicate areas that are congested or out of balance within your body and we will be able to discuss what we find but if you have questions regarding a medical condition you should see your G.P.

How is reflexology lymphatic drainage different to regular reflexology?

Lymphatic drainage reflexology is a flowing, gentle treatment that is very relaxing. The beauty of this treatment is that I don't need to make physical contact with the affected area or surgical sites. (unless I'm working on lymphodema around the ankle)
It can be a slighlty shorter treatment depending on your needs so I often add in a lovely foot massage before and after.

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