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Services & Prices


One-to-one Pilates

Consists of a full body postural assessment, and a discussion of your medical history and any physical issues you may be experiencing. The session will include Pilates mat exercises and postural alignment techniques to condition your body. This blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture and creates long, lean muscles. I use a selection of small equipment such as therabands and hand weights which I can provide; are available for you to buy; or you can bring your own- just to stay safer through Covid times.

I am also qualified in fascia release, so I incorporate rolling of the muscles, especially feet, using a combination of small balls and a foam/pulse roller.

I teach modern day, safe, effective exercises, with variations for different injuries and medical issues, with a focus on building strength and stability within your body. Each exercise offers varying levels of difficulty in order for you to progress.

I can give you 'homework' as well so that you can practise in between sessions! 

Sessions are held at my home in Emsworth, or I can visit your home if that is more convenient.

My studio and equipment are sanitised after every client so you can be assured you are entering a safe, clean environment.

Please bring your own mat. 

£45  (allow 60-75 minutes)

(Additional cost for travel)

Pink Ribbon Pilates

As above, but with additional measuring techniques so that we can gauge your progress throughout your time with me. 

£45 (allow 60-75 minutes)

Zoom group Pilates class

I am currently not offering regular zoom classes for the general public. 

However if you have a group of friends/family who would like a private zoom class please contact me for availability. Price will depend on the number of people in the class. 

Studio Class

I am currently teaching at the WOW clinic in Westbourne-


Tues 6-7pm mixed ability

Tues 7-8pm beginners

The classes are run in rolling blocks of 6 weeks, payable in advance


All new clients receive a free 1:1 prior to starting a course


A reflexology session generally starts with an overview of your medical history and we discuss any issues you may be having. This ensures I understand your needs and concerns and am aware of any underlying health conditions you may have.

You will remain fully clothed during treatments but I obviously need access to your feet and lower legs. I place an earthing/grounding mat under your hands, so that you get the benefits of 'grounding' throughout your treatment.

After sanitizing the feet, I will then activate the reflex points on the feet, using my thumbs and fingers, that correspond with particular areas of the body. 

If I find discomfort, tightness or an energetic blockage in any of the reflex points, I will apply pressure to that area and use specialised massage techniques to promote healing elsewhere in the body. If you have any issues with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or any other painful conditions in the feet, I will use a Photizo light therapy machine to help alleviate some of that pain.

You should feel calm and relaxed after your treatment, and you will have a few minutes to yourself to process the treatment, and not feel rushed to get your shoes on and leave!

£40 (allow 60-90 minutes for the initial consultation, and 60-75 minutes for follow up/maintenance visits)

You must be physically able to get in/out of my Lafuma reclining chair.

Reflexology lymph drainage

As above; but receiving the wonderfully gentle lymph drainage treatment. 

£40 (Allow 60 minutes)

Pilates/Reflexology combo

Why not combine a 40 minute session working out on the mat, followed by a reflexology treatment? Then I can create a foot treatment that compliments what I find during your Pilates workout- for example you may be experiencing stiffness through the hips, or tension in your shoulders, which I can then address during your reflexology!

£70 (Allow up to 2 hours) 

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water for your Pilates and reflexology sessions!

Cancellation policy

Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your appointment with me. A 50% fee is applicable if less than 24 hours notice is given.

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